Crooked HouseĀ Outreach


We are commissioned to develop theatre programmes to work specifically with non-actors. These usually have a justice, equality or human rights dimension.

A typical project would consist of 15 two-hour workshops with a group leading to a public performance created by the group with our help. The theme of the performance emerges from the group during the workshops: itĀ is often a means used by a group to communicate their reflections/experiences/situations to a wider audience (and particularly to an audience of people who are implicated in the theme).

For example, we worked with community groups in Dublin who were effected by suicide. The group developed a piece of theatre which showed how, in their experience, the structure of educational, social and health systems mitigated against effective help reaching their friends and families. This project was called ‘Life Force’ and was an initiative of Blue Drum.

Another project was with Irish Traveller women over a period of two months to create a drama which showed how crucial misunderstandings can arise when Traveller women interact with statutory services and organisations. The performance was shown to regional state agencies and followed by a facilitated forum expanding on the issue.

Other outreach and commissioned work can involve organising week-long theatre projects and festivals with young people. Or we are asked to work with agencies (such as Trocaire) on their Human Rights Summer School.

Smaller projects can be delivering drama and film workshops to youth clubs, schools or community groups.

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