Our Latest Involvement

Raising awareness about difference and otherness in Europe

‘Acting Out’ is a project which will use theatre, dialogue, film, and artistic collaboration to explore young people’s understanding of difference and otherness. We will work with 10 Austrians, 10 British, 10 Portuguese and 15 Irish young people aged 17 to 25. We aim to:

• explore issues of cultural, gendered, ethnic, social, political and sexual difference using creative methods of youth-work and group-work
• raise awareness of factors that have an impact on difference amongst young people in particular (such as popular culture, music, all types of media, peer groups, national culture and tradition, gender stereotyping, family, and school).
• suggest actions the young people could do that would promote tolerance and acceptance of difference in their communities
• showcase the work of youth theatre projects and young artists in Ireland, Austria, Portugal and UK. This work is themed around ‘difference and otherness.’
• bring young people together with professional artists and youth workers to create collaborative presentations based on the themes explored during the project
• build on current relationships between the promoters and the young people to further integrate each group with their European peers.