Down Dangerous Passes Road (2008)

‘Down Dangerous Passes Road’ by Michel Marc Bouchard, (IP) (Co-directed with Michele Panella; Crooked House/Tri-boo collaboration: Riverbank / Connolly Theatre, Liberty Hall. May)

‘Down Dangerous Passes Road’ is a thrilling tale of grace and redemption from one of Canada’s major writers, performed by Nick Devlin, Keith Burke and Stephen Wilson. Carl, the youngest of 3 brothers is to be married today. Ambrose is losing his lover to AIDS while Victor, the eldest, has just left his second failed marriage. Fifteen years to the day they get together and drive out to the place where their father died, at the old fishing spot on the river down Dangerous Passes Road. He was the town drunk, dreamer, poet, fisherman and the man who embarrassed them in front of their friends? Could they have prevented their father’s death? They have never really spoken because they all have their own secrets to hide…

Cast included: Nick Devlin, Keith Burke and Stephen Wilson

‘For the sharpness and virtuosity of the dialogue, for its poetic urgency, for the dazzling, masterful use of refrains and above all, for its powerful metaphorical resonance, this play can be counted among the best of our national repertoire.’ – Le Soleil, Canada