Mouth to Mouth (2010)

‘Mouth to Mouth’ by Kevin Elyot (IP) (Project Arts Centre, August)

An acerbic and dark comedy, Mouth to Mouth by multi-award winning British playwright Kevin Elyot (author of My Night With RegThe Day I Stood Still and Forty Winks, all for the Royal Court).

Mouth to Mouth is a modern ghost story, set among the middle class literati of London, and seen from the point-of-view of Frank, a gay playwright who wonders if he can write about the tragic events in his friends’ lives to revive his flagging career in the theatre. One of his friends is obsessively doting mother, Laura, whose son Philip Frank has saved from drowning. The story revolves around a horrific event that occurs at the homecoming party for young Philip, one year ago, and from which none of the characters have been able to recover. It is a timely exploration of lust masquerading as love; multiple betrayals; and the morality of generating art from the personal tragedies of friends.

Cast: Ian Armstrong, Jillian Bradbury, Sophia Cadogan, Nick Devlin, Steve Gunn, Patrick O’Donnell and Joseph Paul Travers. Directed by Peter Hussey.

“Mouth to Mouth offers a further demonstration of the sharp, observant humour and sensitivity with which Elyot plays tragicomic variations on these elements”. The Independent

“This play shows Elyot’s writing has an incremental power: it echoes earlier themes while taking him forward into bourgeois family life. Deft, funny and sad, this touching new play by the author of My Night With Reg contains a wealth of tragedy within a sunlit meeting in a South London kitchen.” The Guardian