Room Rage: after Hippolytus Euripides (2005)

‘Room Rage’: after Hippolytus Euripides (WP) (Dublin Fringe)

Phaedra starves herself to death in a closed room. Theseus languishes in Hell. Someone is hunting the slave girls for sport. The young have nothing to do. Their world has been made safe, challenge free, noxious. All the monsters have been tamed or killed; all the great stories have been made; what remains of the heroic is old and somewhere else. They have ravished the countryside, slaughtered everything living, and now turn on each other.

In Crooked House’s new version of Euripides’ Hippolytus the dangers of the world are all domestic. Phaedra, in love with her stepson, chooses to kill herself rather than express it. The great malaise is unspoken, internal, and barely understood. The young, with their terrible rage, take it out on themselves. And no-one cares enough to stop them

Cast: Keith Burke, Bonnie McCormick, Mary Duffin, Nick Devlin, Neil Connolly, Cian O’ Dowd, Gillian Harrington, Rachel Lally & Aly Cunningham.

Directed and designed by Peter Hussey. Lighting designed by Paul Winters.