Sucking Stones: three plays after Beckett (2002)

‘Sucking Stones’: three plays after Beckett (Feb: Riverbank)

Sucking Stones was the second instalment in our series of anti-sentimental plays, the first having been presented as Numb: plays without feeling in October 2001. Three Figures At A Well’ by Peter Hussey, ‘Revelations’ and ‘Waiting For Johno’ by Darren Donohue (premieres, Riverbank, 12th 16th February 2002).

‘Three Figures at a Well’ – three people find themselves at a well in the countryside at various stages in their lives. From there they address the audience. Loosely inspired by Beckett’s Play, this short piece consists of the monologues of two women and a man, which interweave to tell a shared story of love, obsession and redemption. With Anna Swords-Murphy, Hazel Coyle and Eric Higgins. Directed by Peter Hussey. Designed by Ciarán Aspell.

‘Waiting for John-O’ – set in a Kildare urban landscape, this play discovers two twenty-something year olds hanging out, passing the time, waiting for their friend Johnno to bring them to a party. Their banter is interrupted by the arrival of the pompous Mark and his girlfriend Mary, a silent but deeply strange individual who entertains and perturbs the men in equal measure. With Nick Devlin, Steve Gunn, Yvonne Ó Hara and Laurence Hamill. Directed by Darren Donohue. Designed by Ciarán Aspell.

‘Revelations’ – inspired by Endgame this lyrical play concerns the reminiscences of a chair-bound old man who is attended by another old man, his keeper. They have lived in poverty and want for years, never leaving their rooms, ignorant and fearful of the outside world, which eventually burst in upon them in the form of a third, younger man. With Conal Boyce, Nick Devlin and Darren Donohue. Directed by Peter Hussey. Designed by Ciarán Aspell.