The Censor (1998)

The Censor by Anthony Neilson (Dublin Fringe Festival: nominated for 2 Culture Ireland Awards) (IP)

We staged Anthony Neilson’s wonderful play during the Dublin Fringe Festival in 1998, wherein it was nominated for both Inspiration Award and Best Actress Award by the Culture Ireland judges of the Sunday Times.

Cast: Darren Donohue played the Censor, Kate Pierce played Miss Fontaine and Anna swords-Murphy played the Censor’s Wife. Peter Hussey directed.

Excerpts from reviews:

“A woman directs a hardcore pornographic movie and then arrives in the Censor’s office to plead its artistic merit. She speaks of sex as an infinitely subtle language, points out subtexts where he sees only plumbing. She reads him like a book – or a blue movie – diagnosing his fetishes, his failed marriage, the myopic voyeurism that traps him in his Censor’s basement. Ultimately, through actions as much as words, she persuades him of the magnificent complexity of sex and of its revolutionary powers as a communicative medium. Anthony Neilson’s play is a powerful piece of theatre.”

– Gerry Mc Carthy, ‘The Sunday Times’

“Crooked House Theatre’s production of Anthony Neilson’s The Censor is a frank but very effective presentation. […] The play’s treatment of taboos on porn, sexual inhibitions, infidelity and censorship are superbly dealt with and there are excellent performances. This is a controversial, even shocking play of the kind you are unlikely to see outside of the Fringe. So try to see it.”

– Tom Corcoran, Aertel, RTE