Voices in the Rubble (2004)

‘Voices in the Rubble’ by Darren Donohue (Studio Rubin, Prague Fringe; June) (WP)

‘Voices in the Rubble’: Avril thinks she just killed the postman; then again it could be a case of mistaken identity. An absurdist comedy that pushes the boundaries of conventional marriage!

Voices in the Rubble is a wild absurdist comedy following a couple who have been abandoned by traditional values and find themselves adrift in a world obsessed with progress (a society evolving to the point of unravelling). They can only cling together in the hope of finding a constant, something concrete within each other to keep them from being entirely swept away, in this case their love. But unfortunately these soft souls inhabit a world rapidly shifting beyond their ability to control. Here we have forty years of marriage neatly compressed into forty minutes.