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Acting Out! Exchange

3rd-10th December 2017, Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Acting Out 6.jpg

Acting Out!: Gender Reflections through Drama was an Erasmus+ funded youth exchange in La Rioja, Spain. Its main objective was to gather 45 young actors from across Europe to reflect on gender issues through the medium of theatre. This involved participation from the hosts ON&OFF Teatro of Spain, Calypso of Italy, Jugend Kultur Arbeit of Germany and Kildare Youth Theatre. 


The young participants had an active role during the whole process of the project, acquiring decision-making competencies through workshops and sharing their view on the topic of Gender and Identity. The project culminated in a public performance in the host city of Logroño, increasing the visibility of the project. 

Among the tasks the young participants of each country carried out, were to choose the sub-topics of the exchange, decide on the aesthetics and technical part of their performances and prepare and lead a workshop during the exchange. 

The whole project was catalogued in a daily blog which can be read here.

Visit the exchange's official Facebook page.

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