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Indigo Youth Exchange

16th-26th April 2017, Athens, Greece 

Indigo Poster.jpeg

Some of the workshop spaces used during the exchange:

Indigo was an Erasmus+ funded youth exchange set in Athens, Greece. Involving the participation of 30 young actors from Kildare Youth Theatre and Kinitiras of Greece, this LGBT themed identity project aimed to explore  young people's understanding of their identity as young people, particularly regarding gender and sexual orientation.

Just two years after Ireland's monumental marriage equality referendum, a major discourse has developed in youth theatre, one where people feel more welcome than ever to publicly reveal and explore their sexuality and gender. 

The project explored the cultural factors which shape youths identities as European citizens, and as LGBT young people - encouraging participants to critically evaluate the culture which defines them in terms that they resist.


Using theater, dialogue, and artistic collaboration among two different nationalities, themes such as; the participants' experiences of gender, peer pressure, pop culture and family served as ideas to devise and perform pieces of theatre. 

Professional theatre-makers and dancers worked with the groups for the week, making evocative 

and deeply personal work together about gender, identity and LGBTQ issues. This was showcased in a public performance at Kinitiras' studio on the final night.

Read more about Indigo, including a list of its participants, here.

An edited documentary of the exchange can be watched below:

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