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Digital Drama Workshops Symposium

Charlie Farrell

Last Friday, we held a symposium for our multi-annual Erasmus+ funded project 'Digital Drama Workshops' at Maynooth University - find out more here.

Last Friday, Crooked House hosted an international symposium to launch the products made in the Erasmus+ project Digital Drama Workshops. The Symposium was in collaboration with the Department of Applied Social Studies in Maynooth University and took place on Friday, 14 th April from 10.00am to 1.00pm in Maynooth.

The Symposium featured talks from some of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers as well as some of our full time team members of Crooked House, Mohammad Farajalla (Jordan), Oguzhan Sahin (Turkey), Cansu Genc (Turkey), Mirna Alhelo (Syria), Ola Al Mamouk (Syria), Polina Smirnova (Russia), and Abdemoneim Nassef (Egypt), who gave talks about what youth work looks like in their respective countries.

The talks were then followed by two workshops, exploring activities that groups can use when working with young people, using materials from the Digital Drama Workshops project as a resource - and a lunch.

The Digital Drama Workshops project created and published online over 30 two-hour drama workshops, a book, and 10 videos, that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to run a theatre project online. The workshops are in a free manual and are accompanied by 10 videos outlining some of the theory underpinning good youth theatre practice. All can be found on

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