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Lasair Project Invitation

Charlie Farrell

Crooked House Theatre Company is looking for applications to take part in a new intergenerational community project.

Crooked House wants to hear from you if you run a community centre, or a youth project, or if you have connections with older people in County Kildare. We are looking in particular for organisations from right across the county, rural or urban, who work with young people or senior citizens.

In 2023 Crooked House Theatre Company will be 30 years old. It is fitting that we celebrate this milestone with a project that also celebrates the ancient symbol of creativity that is Brigid – a Gaelic, Celtic and Christian figure of the arts and illumination.

The Lasair project will create 15 short films arising from monologues devised in 15 inter-generational theatre workshops given all around the county. The workshops and films will be made by our multicultural team of filmmakers and theatre makers who come from Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, Russia and Spain.

Lasair (meaning flame) celebrates the arts by making one film for every century of Brigid's legacy. Participants will be teenagers and senior citizens, each sharing stories about the impact and legacy of the other generation in their lives. The workshops, from Athy to Carbury, will be themed after one of the key principles represented by the goddess and saint, while including under-served and marginalized citizens and communities.

Each workshop will bring together two generations of local people. The older generation will be aged 60 and over, while the younger one will be aged 11 to 25. The workshops will encourage sharing of stories that celebrate one generation’s appreciation of the other.

If you are in a community that would like to participate in this project please contact us at

This project is suported by Kildare County Council via the Brigid 1500 Initiative.

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