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These are the values and principles that guide us and inspire us in our creative work with young people. We don’t always succeed in living up to them, but we try our best to do so.

Freedom of Expression

We believe in the freedom of expression, and in dealing with the consequences that come with this human right.

We support debate, difference of opinion, passionate argument, rows, clashes of ideas, apologies, changes of mind, and the freedom for others to challenge you and to disagree with what you say.  We advocate for researched opinion, reasoned argument and genuine enquiry that opens up discussion rather than closes debate or that confirms prejudice.

We do not believe that there is such a thing as 'bad' language: all language is powerful. While language can be used to hurt, provoke or incite, we strive to equip young people with the skills needed to listen, assess, decide and respond.



Having a variety of different people around us inspires us.

We are excited by other cultures, working together with different ages, genders, nationalities, and personality types. 

We value multicultural groups and mixed ethnicity groups. Our programmes include bringing young actors and artists from outdie the EU, from Arab and Muslim cultures, and from African and Asian backgrounds, to our space for a year.

We try to find places in our work for everyone regardless of ability or experience.


Our theatre is a place for the exchange of ideas.

Intellectualism is welcome, nerds find a home here. We strive to provoke research, to uplift with thinking, and to discuss and share ideas with our groups and with our audiences.
That does not mean that we exclude others. People who favour feeling and emotional expression are always welcome, and those with additional learning needs will be supported and encouraged.

We believe in sharing stimulating and complex ideas and in not dumbing down our work. We trust in the native intelligence of participants providing plays, workshops and projects that demand concentrated engagement.
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We strive to give our young people a strong sense of ownership over Crooked House and Kildare Youth Theatre. Our programmes are designed based on their expressed needs. They are consulted and encouraged to take part in all aspects of the organisation. We encourage work experience for TY students, and part-time employment for those with the skills we need from time to time.


We believe that if an organisation really values ownership as a principle than the stakes should be high. Ownership is not something we take lightly. Therefore, we give keys to the premises to people who need them, and who are over 17, and who have been involved with us for at least 2 years on a regular weekly basis. They may need to use the studio for audition preparation, or to wait for a bus home, or meet at lunch, or do homework or study, or work on their own creative projects. They receive training in what their responsibilities are, and they are not permitted to be there on their own until they are 18, or to bring in non-members, or to remain after 10.00pm.


We value kindness above most things. Selection to take part in international exchanges is based as much on knowing that the person is kind as it is on knowing that they are talented. Kindness and compassion extend to our treatment of others, of animals, and of the environment. We make programmes that aim to enhance and develop this value in all involved.


If you would like to support our work please consider donating. If you wish to, you can also send an email to enquire about any of our work, our projects, our values, or about how your donation will be used.

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