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Play The Change

29th June - 9th July 2017, Organyà, Catalunya, Spain

Play the Change’ was an Erasmus+ funded international exchange that united young theatre practitioners from Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria and Poland who all took part in workshops and created a piece of theatre together.

The project took place in Organyà, a small village in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, Spain. Throughout the exchange young people lived together, made theatre, shared their cultures and discovered their creative potential in Hostel Santa Fe, l’Alberg d'Organyà.

The project involved 4 organisations; Pirineus Creatius of Spain, AIMI The Studios of Bulgaria, Fundacja Inkubator Innowacji of Poland and of course Kildare Youth Theatre. 

The project consisted of daily skill workshops touching on themes of; Empty Dialogues, From Personal to Public, Theatre of Oppressed and Puppet Theatre. The project revolved around emphatic and multi-cultural workshops, outdoor activities, festive local activities, and rehearsals to ultimately create and perform a show at the end of the project, which was performed in the village square for public viewing. 

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