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Say Hello In Your Language

16th June 2017, National University of Ireland Maynooth, Maynooth, Co.Kildare

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"Established in 2013, the Maynooth Education Forum is a unique event on the education policy landscape in Ireland. The Education Forum is not an academic conference – rather, it is an open space where an invited group of around eighty education policymakers and stakeholders come together once a year to exchange ideas and reflect on key issues in education"

Excerpt from the NUIM Website.

At the 4th annual Maynooth Education Forum, on the topic of migrant culture and their experience of education in Ireland, Kildare Youth Theatre performed a specially devised piece called Say Hello In Your Language. 

A verbatim piece of theatre, the play consisted of performances of a collection of monologues, sent in by young migrants living in Ireland.

Touching of themes of exclusion, the use of Kildare Youth Theatre's actors enabled anonymity amongst those who sent in their experiences. 

Monologues included people from Ukraine, Kosovo, Tunisia, the Philippines, Russia

Read more about the Maynooth Education Forum here.

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