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TeeNEXTers Festival 2018

16th-24th November 2018, Lille, France

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(Click through the slider to see some pictures taken throughout the festival)

Once again, Kildare Youth Theatre traveled to the northern French city of Lille to watch and critique contemporary continental pieces of theater, alongside participation with other youth theatre companies from all over Europe. 

The 2018 project involved the participation of Buda Kunstencentrum of Belgium, Bronks Jeugdtheatre of Belgium, Rogaland Teater of Norway, Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and of course Kildare Youth Theatre. It was hosted by Theatre le Grand Bleu of France. 

TeeNEXTers is an Erasmus+ funded education project. It runs alongside the international festival called NEXT Arts Festival. During the festival, the participants met and viewed selected shows from the NEXT Festival all across Lille and southern Belgium. They then make creative and critical responses to the shows, using a variety of media including devising, filming and graphic-novel drawing. Themes discussed and explored are generally those which are felt and experienced by the participants during the shows they watch. 


The aim of the project is to help young people develop their critical facilities, so that they can edit and coherently express educated views about works of art. They are taught how to do this by professional and expert critics and theatre-makers from Ireland, Scotland, France, Belgium and Norway. 

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