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Volunteer With Us

Crooked House is a charity (a non-governmental organisation devoted to the public good). Our work depends on a small team of staff and a large group of volunteers. Together, they make a huge and positive impact on the lives of young people in our region. 

Our national volunteers come to us from third level student placement progarmmes, mainly Maynooth Univesity's Applied Social Studies department. Other national volunteers come up through our workshops and programmes and remain on as leaders and assistants.

Our international volunteers are supported by the European Union, through two different programmes. They are the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and the Erasmus+ Student Traineeship. The ESC programme is for volunteers from within , and from outside of the European Union. We actively recruit many young people from Asia, Africa and the countries neighbouring the EU, ans well as young people from within the EU. The Student Traineeship programme is only for EU countries, and for students at third level undergraduate and postgradute progarmmes. 

Our international volunteers are mostly all theatre-makers. We accept applications only from young, trained (or professional) actors aged 21 to 30 (and one or two other related disciplines). 

Below you can watch videos made by our international volunteers over the years. And you can then click on European Solidarity Corps or Student Traineeship to find out more about each , and to start the application process.

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