William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (2019)

Every year our youth theatre, Kildare Youth Theatre performs a Shakespeare production, normally the same one that is on the Leaving Certificate syllabus of that year. For 2019, this was Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, featuring a cast of mostly Leaving Certificate students taking on a pseudo-modern interpretation of this classic play.

Murder, paranoia, madness and deceit. William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ is one of his most well known and feared productions. Such an intense production that within the theatre world there is a long held superstition that holding the infamous skull of Yorick is said to curse and ruin the lives of any actor who dares use such a prop in the scene. Thus setting a production of Hamlet is a mighty task, and as the chosen Shakespeare on the 2019 Leaving Certificate syllabus it was a task we faced. Our Shakespeare productions involve members of all ages, ranging from our youngest workshop participants aged 12, all the way to members of our Senior Ensemble, aged as old as 20. For our 2019 production of Hamlet, directed bY Artistic Director Peter Hussey, it was a pseudo-modern production featuring modern technology and props whilst maintaining the original script. Headlined by Sean Dowse as Hamlet, the production featured detailed projected backdrops and of course, the infamous skull of Yorick which came down from the sky in a complicated set piece. The production was for six shows, three special matinées for all the local Leaving Cert students to attend, and three evening productions – all in the Riverbank Arts Centre.

Promotional trailer released in the run-up to the production:

A full, edited performance of the production:


Audience reviews

Separate video for individual scenes:

Act 3 Scene 1:

Dates and times info: 1st-3rd May 2019, featuring a matinée performance and an evening performance each day.

Location(s): Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge.


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark – Seán Dowse
Claudius, King of Denmark – Joe Brown
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark – Hollie Murphy
Polonius, the King’s Advisor – Daniel Porter Moloney
Ophelia, Polonius’ daughter – Kayleigh Doyle
Laertes, Polonius’ son – Colin Smyth / Ben Mc Goohan
Horatio, fellow student of Hamlet’s Luke Ó Brien (Ben Mc Goohan on Friday matinee)
Rosencrantz – Shane Doran
Guildernstern – Harriet Ronayne
Voltemand, an ambassador – Sinéad Mooney
Ghost of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet – Joel Pla Garriga
Marcella, a soldier – Rebecca Donovan
Barnarda, a soldier – Sinéad Mooney
Francesca, a soldier – Hannah Power
Osric, a courtier – Hannah Power
Gravedigger – Ralph Gosnell
Gravedigger Minister – Jenny Dillon
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway – Muhammet Gündoğdu
First Player, the director – Hannah Power
Second Player – Rebecca Donovan
Third Player – Jenny Dillon
Fourth Player – Ralph Gosnell
Servants / Messengers / Captains – Rebecca Donovan, Ralph Gosnell, Sinéad Mooney and Hannah Power

Directed by Peter Hussey

Funders: Primarily self-funded with assistance from the Arts Council and Kildare County Council grants.