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#CrookedHouseStaysAtHome / Quarantine Festival
17th-29th March 2020

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During March 2020, in response to the lockdown restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kildare Youth Theatre hosted the Quarantine Festival.  An online gathering of young people creating in multi-media, expressing their reactions to the current crisis, and making new work shared publicly online in social media channels, Quarantine Festival was part of the wider Kildare Youth Theatre movement #CrookedHouseStaysAtHome, which sought to bring our standard seasons into our homes during lockdown. 

Projects created during the festival included;

  • A Digital Photo Project (which can be viewed here)

  • A Podcast Competition

  • A Playwright Competition

  • A 'Closed Mic'

  • The video-based 'Vid-Nineteen'

View the original #CrookedHouseStaysAtHome Project Page here (now private).

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