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'Things Fall Apart' Premieres on YouTube

Charlie Farrell

The last work as part of Kildare Youth Theatre's Senior Ensemble's 'Act of Oblivion' series, Things Fall Apart premiered live on the Crooked House YouTube page yesterday. Missed it? Find out how to access it here.

'Things Fall Apart' was devised by the Senior Ensemble of Kildare Youth Theatre with artist Peter Hussey. It was funded by the Arts Council's Young Ensemble Scheme award. The piece was created during the lockdown in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 - 2021.

'Things Fall Apart' shows the collapse of significance and meaning in young lives. It is inspired by the second law of thermodynamics, that the universe tends towards entropy, or that things eventually fall apart. The play uses a narrative frame modelled on ever-widening circles rippling away from a central event. The event happens in a restaurant in Dublin at a table of privileged white males. The central character of the play is never fully seen, only glimpsed. As each group tells their story we learn more about him, moving narratively inwards (in the opposite direction to the ripples) until we are finally alone with him at the end. It is also a play exploring the devastating impact of racism on a young man's life. This was the final project made by this particular group of young people, and the last play in the series called The Act of Oblivion.

After editinG was recently finished, Things Fall Apart premiered on our YouTube channel, at 22/10/22 at 8:00PM. If you missed it, Things Fall Apart now remains on our YouTube page.

Access Things Fall Apart here.

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