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Visibly Vocal Exchange

6th-13th August 2017, Newbridge, Co.Kildare, Ireland

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Visibly Vocal was an  Erasmus+ funded youth exchange, that explored making site-specific theatre with young people. The project focused on using public spaces in which young people could make their concerns and interests visible through theatrical performance. It also explored how performance relates to a site, and how locations can inspire a performance, examining the act of staging work in non-theatre spaces for a non-theatre-going audience. The participants performed all across Newbridge, in locations such as on the steps of a municipal building, and around the River Liffey - spaces where teenagers are traditionally  not usually seen.


The project brought together fifty 15-18  year old theatre-makers from across the continent. These involved members of; Bornholm Dramaskole's Cirkus Stjerenskund of Denmark,  Théâtre Le Grand Bleu of France, ON&OFF Teatro of Spain, Kinitiras Horotheama of Greece, Associazione Ottovolante of Italy, BondiekBühne of Austria, and the hosts Kildare Youth Theatre.

Amongst the show-devising were daily workshops lead by facilitators from multiple countries, touching on skills ranging from Stage Combat and Viewpoints, to Clowning and Juggling. 


A monumental festival for Irish youth theatre, the Léargas assisted project culminated in not only a performance, but a documentary and scripted shows to be used as food-for-thought for future exchanges across Europe.

Watch the official documentary here:

What Some Participants Had To Say:

"This exchange thought me that it is importance to embrace yourself, and there's nothing wrong with being different.

I learned that the important things about people are what keep them together - and we all have art in common. During this exchange I have shared some of the most incredible moments of my life" 

Greek female, 16.

"I think this project shows that the theatre is a universal art, no matter your nationality or language"

French female, 17.

"I learned so many things about myself, and for once, I felt comfortable sharing them because this was an environment where no one judged you. Theatre made people bond together, and this has been the most beautiful week of my life"

Spanish male, 15.

Click below to see a selection of images taken during the festival. 

What The Media Had To Say:

A Leinster Leader article on the project

An article written by a Greek facilitator
(translatable on Google Chrome)

Read more about Visibly Vocal here.
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